How Instinctual Behaviour Affects Design

– By Nicholas Chambers When creating a new product a designer will come up with numerous iterations to better refine the final outcome. Often we make choices which we can only justify as; ‘It… Continue reading

The Incidental Effect: Exploring New Methods in Behaviour Change

– By Ingrid Jager Nick Stanhope, in his paper The Incidental Effect: Exploring New Methods in Behaviour Change, proposes that the best way to create positive behaviour change is for designers to design… Continue reading

The Impacts of The Fun Theory

– By Catherine Orence  “The Fun Theory” is a campaign that has created a series of successful and effective viral videos that are clever ‘design interventions’ targeted at influencing behaviour change through making things… Continue reading

Design with Intent: using lens to identify patterns for behavior change in design

    – By Corinne Liew  Design with Intent, or DwI v.1.0 are cards are presented as a tool for designers, clients and potential users to explore behaviour changing concepts through a number of disciplines… Continue reading

Plain packaging – does it helps you quit? Associations based on visual stimuli

– By Grace Meguerditchian  According to the Cancer Council, plain cigarette packets can cause people who are smokers to think differently about the contents of the packet, and for non-smokers to refrain from… Continue reading

How Social Norms influence behaviour

– By Justin Trisnamawan  Our behaviors as humans is social with friends, family, co-workers etc. Social norms is beliefs of how one should behave in a situation. From what we know about social norms,… Continue reading

4 health and fitness products designed to change behaviours

– By Andrew Skillern-Brown Health and wellbeing products have become more and more prevalent in recent years. With more people trying to get and/or stay healthy, more products are being developed to cater for… Continue reading

Changing behaviour through everyday things: toasters and talking shoes

– By Jessica Vu  Addicted Products’ Simone Rebaudengo has come up with an idea to help toasters be utilised more efficiently by hosts. Introducing Brad the Toaster – much like a human – needs… Continue reading

5 curious psychological phenomena that affect behaviours

– By Mario Vingerhoets 1. The Bystander Effect   What would you do if you saw a person in need of help? According to the bystander effect your more likely to ignore them if there… Continue reading

Behaviour changing when change is hard – ‘Switch’ book review

Investigating Chip Heath & Dan Heath’s Switch: How to change things when change is hard – by Loky Leung Overview: Switch asks the following question: Why is it so hard to make lasting changes… Continue reading

Disposability? 10 alternative reusable food and beverage products

– By Kavisara Charusakulariyakul  In the world of disposable products, large amount of waste is produced as a result of their use. From chopsticks to plates, forks and cups – there is a world… Continue reading

Mind over platter: How spatial cues affect our habits – the case of mindless eating

– By Ben Brayshaw There’s no hiding the fact that we are facing an obesity epidemic. The number of overweight people in the world outweighs that of the undernourished by a ratio of… Continue reading

How social practices change behaviors – the perception of ‘cleanliness’.

– By Nga Huynh Exploring Elizabeth Shove’s Comfort Cleanliness and Convenience  The expectations of comfort, cleanliness and convenience have changed/altered as we live through our daily lives, unnoticed. Elizabeth Shove’s book of Comfort, Cleanliness and… Continue reading

All in the name of change – the Mayor that mocks, moons & mimes

– by Elizabeth Bott City wide behaviour change by the former Mayor of Bogotá,  Antanas Mockus The President of the National University of Colombia was giving a lecture entitled “innovative behaviour can be useful when you… Continue reading