4 health and fitness products designed to change behaviours

– By Andrew Skillern-Brown

Health and wellbeing products have become more and more prevalent in recent years. With more people trying to get and/or stay healthy, more products are being developed to cater for their needs and wants. These products vary from being complex technological implementations, to the more basic standalone objects. Either way, they still focus on the same area, yet provide different interactions and results to the user.

My list will cover and provide information on products that I believe are the most useful or most interesting. This will include both old and new products, as well as products that focus on encouraging better health and maintaining it.

1. Nike+ FuelBand

Nike+ FuelBand

The Nike+ FuelBand measures your everyday activities. It tracks calories burnt, steps taken and more. This is all accomplished via the built in accelerometer within the band.

The idea behind the Nike+ Fuelband is that you set a goal and the activities that you do is the “fuel” towards it. The display of information is shown on the band itself, as well as an app that can be downloaded and linked to the band. The band only provides the most basic of information (time, calories etc) via its small screen, acting more as a reminder to keep you motivated. The app, however, provides the in depth information, which you can use to share or compete with your friends. It also comes in different colours!

2. Adidas miCoach Mobile App

Adidas miCoach Mobile App

The Adidas miCoach Mobile App tracks your performance via the GPS within the user’s phone.

Using the app by itself will track your speed and endurance, as well as providing real-time coaching through the phone’s speaker. This information can then be shared on the miCoach website, allowing others to view your achievements, whilst being able to view theirs.

In order to use the app to its full potential, other miCoach devices are needed.

3. FitBit One

Fitbit One

The FitBit One is a device that never stops tracking your activity, even when you are asleep.

The device is designed to be clipped onto your clothing, rather than float around in your pocket. It automatically syncs to your phone or computer, providing instant transfer of information taken. It is there where it shows graphs and charts among various other tools to provide a clear visual representation of your activity and sleep cycle. The device itself (like the Nike FuelBand) shows only the most basic of information.

In order to keep using the device, FitBit provides users the ability to set challenges for yourself and friends. Virtual badges are also obtainable in the process of getting fit.

4. Jawbone Up

Jawbone Up

The Jawbone Up is another wrist band device, which sends information via the band to the app.

The band itself is very simple, with no form of visual interface presented on it. The bendy rubber material allows for nice fit on the wrist with three general sizes available to users. The band is there to purely gather all the information and then send it to the accompanying app. It tracks everything from sleep patterns, general activity, food and more. It comes in many different colours and is designed to be waterproof. The device also features a smart alarm, which studies your sleep cycle and wakes you up at the best point in time during the desired time frame.

The device is battery powered and requires the app in order for it to work as intended.