Talking Trash – waste bin designs that help change behaviours

– By Jaz Wood No one really talks about their issues with disposing rubbish, but really we should be. It’s generally just not as hot a topic as that party you went to… Continue reading

Behaviour changing design – insights from IDEO Change+

– By Rebecca Crooke International design consultancy IDEO has created a series of videos called ‘Change (+)’ which provide an important and fascinating discussion on the emerging design opportunities for designers to design change.… Continue reading

How the theory of ‘fun’ can create positive change and engagment

Kevin Richardson won the Volkswagen Fun Theory Award in 2010 for his idea for creating a positive incentive to reduce speeding. The Speed Camera Lottery offers a financial reward for people who don’t… Continue reading

Welcome to behaviour changing products – exploring how design changes lives!

– By Leyla Acaroglu Nearly everything that we encounter in our day to day lives has been designed. And therefore designers can have a awesome impact on peoples lives and are in a… Continue reading