5 energy saving devices – would these change your behaviour?

Vampire Power

Here are a range of just 5 products currently on the market designed to assist with the reduction of energy wastage from items being left on in the home. We will leave it up to you to decide how effective each of them would be at achieving the end goal of changing the energy use habits of the user…

The Wattson energy home energy monitor

The Wattson connects to your main power supply to provide you with constant real time usage data.

The Future Switch remote controlled power outlet

The Future Switch is a wireless remote control and power adapter that allows you to cut the power flow to energy device that’s plugged into the adapter, well – via a remote.

Onzo Smart Energy Kit

The Onzo is a smart meter with a wireless-sensor kit that runs on energy harvested from the home electrical cable.

Energy Hub Energy Management System

Energy Hub works with your energy provider to provide data on energy use in the home.

The Eco Button USB switch off device

The Eco Button is just that, a button that you push to quickly put devices into sleep mode via a USB connection.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the plethora of energy saving devices currently on the market, there are many more ranging from power plugs through to hard-wired devices that can be operated via smart devices remotely!  What’s interesting is whether the energy input in the production and all other life cycle stages is greater than the energy saved from the installation of the device… In order to have the desired outcome of – well, energy savings – then the user has to have a significant behaviour change as a result of the products intervention in order to equal a net environmental benefit.